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‘IKIGAI’ (ee-key-guy) is a small word with a profound meaning. Translated from Japanese, it means a reason to live. It is primarily associated with the town of Okinawa, which boasts the longest-living people on earth. How do they do this? They live their lives based on Ikigai principles, an intersection between 4 distinct elements: what you’re passionate about, where your skills lie, how you can earn a living, and what the world needs.

These 4 elements are what this coliving means to me and my vision for the future is that the community that grows from this project can help contribute, even if only a little bit, for other people to find their own Ikigai.


Ikigai Coliving aims to provide a space where tenants can feel at home, not alienated by constant changes of guests, improving productivity by the use of designated public and private workspaces, and developing a sense of belongingness through community activities. Let this place be the start of your Tenerife experience. 

"Only things that are imperfect, incomplete, and ephemeral can truly be beautiful, because only those things resemble the natural world."

- Hector Garcia Puigcerver​


I stayed for 2 weeks at Ikigai, and honestly I don't ever want to go to another co-living — this here is the very definition of what a co-living space should be. The surroundings are beautiful, you can see both Teide and the ocean from the balcony. And the banana plantation that's right next makes for a wonderful view. The whole place is very clean and tidy, and rooms are spacious and quiet. Even when full, it's just the right amount of people, so it never feels like a hostel or anything. Leyber (the host) is a great guy - always has the best recommendations on what to do, and comes up with interesting ideas for group activities, etc. so you'll never be bored. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to stay and work from.

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